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24HEPB BLOG – Blocked Drain Overflow
Jan 2016


We’ve just attended an Emergency Plumbing job at the glorious suburb of Bardon, Queensland.
We arrived promptly on-site after receiving a frantic phone call from a home owner who just witnessed sewerage coming up through the back laundry. This is always a nasty thing to experience and it’s never a good time to go through it or witness it. We have dealt with this scenario many times and it’s amazing that this problem occurs a lot after hour’s. This and many more issue’s like this is the main reason why we have set up our 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Brisbane division, simply because it’s never a good time when a Plumbing issue arises, but when you need help or assistance, we can respond.
After examining the job at hand, we decided to act quickly and use the Jetter machine to clear the surrounding drain and allow the flow in the pipes to clear the backed up issue in the laundry.
It worked and worked well, a quick clean up of the surface’s in the laundry and everything was back to normal.
We had saved the day, actually it was night time so , we had saved the night and we had just completed another after hour’s job.

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