Pools are an investment in time. Ask a pool owner and they will almost always tell you the ratio between time input to maintain the pool versus time spent swimming is high. Well we can help. Trust us to help install, service and maintain your pool plumbing and equipment in order to help keep your pool in premium swimming condition all year round at minimal time, effort and expense. If things do go wrong and you require immediate emergency repair we are available at all hours and can help get any repair done quickly and professionally.

Many inner city Brisbane pools are owned and operated in a commercial setting or are strata managed. They currently have many indoor pool maintenance contracts in inner Brisbane city. If you are looking for a great price, professional, all hours service for your pool maintenance, put us to the test today.

Call us now for advice or immediate assistance on 0481 850 266. We are available to help design, install, maintain and repair all the associated pool plumbing systems and equipment. We know solar heated pools, gas assisted heating, off peak electric top up heating, automated cleaning systems and more. Pump, filter, heating systems, cleaning systems, seals, and safety, we can do it all.

Spa & Jacuzzi

Both outdoor and indoor spas have become very popular. But if located poorly or installed incorrectly they can become be a costly nightmare. They also require regular servicing.

Two common faults are leaking spas causing damage to the building, and burnt out heat pumps consuming large amounts of power (that you may not find out about until the quarterly electricity bill comes in). Here at 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers we have seen it all, and we know how to get it fixed. so if you require immediate work done or just some friendly advice call us anytime on 0481 850 266.


Nothing screams extravagance like your own personal sauna, or indoor steam room. If you do have a sauna then you know you need regular plumbing maintenance. Due to the complexity of the system they are prone to faults, particularly over time, and even in the most well designed systems.

The sauna room consists of many mechanisms: water pump, heating system, humidity saturation controller, steam extraction, ventilation, seals of the wall floor and ceiling. We have experts in these areas, call us now on 0481 850 266 for any sauna requirement including installation, maintenance and repair. They will get your sauna steaming!!