They offer fixed pricing for repair of roof leaks. Give us a call and a few basic details, and we can give you an over-the-phone estimate of the costs. Once they arrive, there is no chance of the job ‘blowing out’ – your roof leaks will be fixed exactly at the cost you expected, with fast and friendly service! Pick up the phone and call us on 0481 850 266, and speak to a real person about your roof leak repairs. We are on call 24 Hours 7 Days, we answer your call first time every time. They service all Brisbane suburbs, and can usually have the roof back over your head within hours!

Our Services

24 Hour Emergency Plumber is number one in roof plumbing in Brisbane. They have over 25 years of experience handling all types of roof leak emergencies. They’ll be on the scene quickly after your call, whether your problem occurs during the day, at night, on the weekends or during a holiday. As a full-service plumbing business, they can handle all types of problems including:

Roof leaks
Blocked roof drains
Clogged gutters
Roof storm damage

In extended periods of heavy rain or high wind, our service team can provide temporary solutions to prevent any further damage to your roof. They can assess and quote all roof plumbing problems with one quick, no-obligation phone call. In an emergency they can attend your property immediately and provide at least a temporary solution to control your roof leak by installing tarpaulins to prevent damage to your property. As well as being a full-service emergency roof plumbing service in Brisbane, they also offer preventative services to help protect you against roof leaks in the future.


A roof leak isn’t just an annoying problem. If not addressed quickly and professionally, a roof leak can cause serious property damage. Because the consequences of a leak can be serious, we know how important it is for you to have your roof leak fixed quickly, by a roof plumber with the necessary expertise to get the job done right.

They’re experienced in identifying the source of roof leaks and fixing them quickly and thoroughly. They can fix:
Repair leaks on damaged rooves
Roof leaks in the valleys of rooves
Around the flashings in your roof
Roof leaks caused by condensation in your ceiling space or attic, rather than by rain
Leaks caused by wind-driven rain
Difficult to isolate leaks occurring in large and visibly undamaged portions of your roof
Installation of new downpipes and guttering which can help prevent future roof leaks
Repair of all types of roof and wall sheeting
Gutter guard installation
Installation of roof ventilators which will help in ventilating your roof or attic space.

In the event of a roof leak emergency
Move all electrical items well away from the leak source
If the water is spreading out over a large area, you can tack materials on to the roof to help stop the horizontal spread
If you can safely enter your ceiling space and place a catching tray under a leak, on a solid beam rather than on top of insulation, do so
If lightning is striking in the area then do not under any circumstances attempt to get onto your roof or into the ceiling.
If you are not absolutely certain that your roof can hold your weight, don’t go up there to find the source yourself!
The same caution applies if you aren’t sure whether the intra-ceiling space will hold your weight.

If you have only just noticed a roof leak because it is raining, don’t stress they are happy to come straight out for fast repairs at all hours. They work in the rain.


A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber have over 25 years experience in plumbing water tanks, septic tanks, and water pumps in Brisbane. They are the experts in the field and can confidently handle all of your plumbing requirements for your water tank and pump system. They have experience in plumbing many variations of roof rain water storage systems. They can repair faults, patch tanks, flush down pipes, detect leaks, fix roofs, and get your pump up and working in no time. As well as perform plumbing maintenance on these systems. During normal hours or after hours they are available for any plumbing job concerning tanks and pumps.


Burst water tank? No problem, we are on call, all hours, for just such an emergency. They arrive within the hour to any Brisbane suburb where will patch the hole immediately. For major faults they will come back the next day to perform a permanent repair if required. Backed by their parts and workmanship guarantees they are the most trusted Plumber in Brisbane and their low cost makes us the undisputed top choice.

We help do water tank installation, fitting, maintenance, patch and repair. From above ground small capacity polyethelene, mid capacity fibreglass, large capacity corrugated galvanised steel, up to extra large capacity underground reinforced concrete tanks we have the trusted plumber of choice.

They recommend lining metal tanks with a plastic inner lining called Aquaplate that will increase the life of the tank and protect the water quality.

They have water testing devices on hand to verify that your water supply is perfectly safe for human consumption. They can also install a water quality testing device to ensure water quality at all times.

It is important that your water tank has two filters, on the input and output sides. These sediment filters ensure that any physical undissolved particulate, biological or inorganic, is eliminated from your tank. It is critical that these sediment filters are checked and cleaned regularly. We offer this service for your convenience as well as installing new filters as desired.

They are also fully licenced to supply, install, service, maintain, repair domestic septic tank systems. Have an emergency septic tank issue? We are available 24 Hours 7 Days for emergency repairs of septic tanks. Call us, we guarantee service of all Brisbane suburbs within the hour, put us to the test.


They do water pump full installation, fitting, service, maintenance and repair. Need a new pump? They can advise you on the best pump to purchase in order to meet your individual requirements.

Water pump technology has come along way recently. But they stay ahead of the curve so that they can come out and fix your pump as you wait. They stock all of the vans with all of the parts and equipment to ensure that no matter what the make or model they can rectify the issue immediately. In cases of catastrophic failure, pump replacement is the only option, in this case they can immediately install a temporary replacement pump. So that no matter what the fault is, they can minimise your water service downtime, and restore running water to your house before they leave.


The local team of Brisbane Plumbers stay well informed about all the regulations concerning water tanks. Ordinarily you would need to get in contact with your local council and water supplier to find out which rules and regulations apply in your area. But to avoid this headache call us now, or arrange an appointment. We are happy to advise you of the situation no matter what municipal council you belong to.
In some cases you may be required to submit a development or building application, and there may be rules around drinking rainwater or mosquito breeding prevention, as well as restrictions on the tank’s location, colour, height and labelling or noise regulations for a pump.